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Building & Embracing Sobriety Together Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services
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Building & Embracing Sobriety Together Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services

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Program Objectives

Program Objectives

B.E.S.T. Inc. in Stroudsburg, and Milford, PA, offers a clinical counseling program intended to meet the needs of the community. Clinical Program Objectives include:

  • Reducing and/or Eliminating Substance Use and the Risk Factors Associated with It
  • Learning How to Self-Manage Symptoms and Problem Behaviors
  • Improving the Ability to Recognize, Express, and Manage Feelings
  • Acquiring the Social Skills Necessary to Form Positive Peer and Adult Relationships
  • Improving Self-Worth by Building Self-Esteem
  • Learning to Identify Triggers & Strategies for Relapse Prevention
  • Improving Family Relationships
  • Reintegrating Into Home and Community with Skills Which Allow Them to Function with Minimal Supervision
  • Striving to Keep Families Together

Types of Counseling Methods We Offer

Every person is unique in their way of thinking, handling stress, and dealing with new situations. Because of this variety, there is no single counseling method that is 100% effective for every patient. We specialize in a variety of therapies, and counseling methods that can be combined or used individually to provide the best odds for each patient. After an addiction assessment, our staff will help determine which method is likely to work for you or your loved one. Some of the methods we specialize in include person-centered therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, educational, and group approaches. Dr. Craig Haytmanek offers medication-assisted treatment(MAT) with Vivitrol, Suboxone and Sublicade, and B.E.S.T will provide the counseling. Our clinical counseling program in Stroudsburg, PA, will help you regain control of your life. 

Importance of Consistent Counseling Attendance

Our staff works individually and with groups of patients who have drug and alcohol problems to provide the education, support, guidance, and therapy needed to get and stay sober. In addition to working with the patients themselves, we often provide support for families as well as therapy sessions with family members. Our goal is to ensure a long, happy, and healthy life for all our patients while keeping their family together whenever possible. 

One of the most important aspects of any type of sobriety counseling plan is consistency and honesty. It’s the duty of every patient to be completely open and honest with their therapist, to report consistently to all appointments, and to make the proper changes in their lives to stay healthy. Through a combination of therapies and hard work with their counseling professionals, we believe all our patients have a chance at turning their lives around. 

Contact us to schedule a treatment or discuss your needs with a specialist. We proudly serve patients in the Stroudsburg and Milford, Pennsylvania, areas.

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