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Building & Embracing Sobriety Together Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services
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Building & Embracing Sobriety Together Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services

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Program Objectives

Clinical Program Objectives 

B.E.S.T. Inc. in Stroudsburg, Nazareth and Milford, PA, offers a clinical treatment program intended to meet the needs of the community. Clinical Program Objectives include:

  • Reducing &/or Eliminating Substance Use & the Risk Factors Associated with It
  • Learning How to Self-Manage Symptoms & Problem Behaviors
  • Improving the Ability to Recognize, Express, & Manage Feelings
  • Acquiring the Social Skills Necessary to Form Positive Peer & Adult Relationships
  • Improving Self-Worth by Building Self-Esteem
  • Learning to Identify Triggers & Strategies for Relapse Prevention
  • Improving Family Relationships
  • Reintegrating Into Home & Community with Skills Which Allow Them to Function with Minimal Supervision
  • Striving to Keep Families Together
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